In case you decide that you'd like to change the business that is hosting your Internet sites, you shall need to migrate all of the content to the hosting servers of the new one, which might not be a simple task if you don't have much experience or you just have no time to get it done. Provided you have an HTML site, it won't be tough to transfer it as the migration is merely re-uploading each of the files to your new account, but in case you have a script-driven site and you ought to transfer a database, then link the Internet site to it, and in addition you would like to move mailboxes that you have created for your domain name, you might find the whole process troublesome. To make things easier if you choose to get a hosting account from our business, we offer website migration as a totally free service with all of our hosting packages, helping you save the time, money and work that you will otherwise have to spend to migrate the content yourself.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you prefer to host your websites on a semi-dedicated server account with our company, we're able to migrate a number of websites for you at no additional cost on top of the plan monthly fee provided that you currently use a Linux web server and you have not designed the site with a closed platform such as Wix, Weebly or Mr. Site. You'll be able to contact with our tech support team as soon as your new account is operational and arrange the migration, which is typically performed within no more than 48 hrs. Our service is available for all types of websites no matter if they are custom-made or created with well-known script apps like OpenCart, WordPress or Moodle and we'll test diligently the content we've moved to our cloud hosting platform in order to ensure that once we let you know that we're done and you point your domain names to our hosting servers, your Internet sites will perform flawlessly. You will not see any downtime as during the DNS propagation the same content shall open from both your old server and your brand-new account on our end.

Assisted Website Migration in VPS Servers

If you sign up for one of our VPS web hosting plans, we will be able to relocate numerous Internet sites from your current web hosting service provider at no additional charge on top of the monthly VPS cost. Due to the fact that our servers run using Linux, your web sites should also be running on this kind of a hosting server and they should not be built using a closed online platform like Wix or Jimdo, but aside from that there are no restrictions as to what the websites ought to be - WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or custom-built ones. Our experienced technical support shall start the migration the instant your Virtual Private Server is all set and you get in touch with them. The timeframe for the migration varies according to the number of websites and their size, but in most cases the entire process doesn't take more than 48 hrs and this time includes comprehensive testing to make certain that all sites will work flawlessly on our end. You could change the name servers of the domain names which you'd like to host on the VPS once we notify you that the information has been relocated and you'll not detect any downtime as the exact same content shall be available on both hosting servers.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers

If you need extra power for your Internet sites and you opt to acquire one of our dedicated server packages, we can transfer a number of Internet sites from your current Internet hosting provider in no more than 48 hrs. Of course, the time may vary based upon their number and size, but it almost never takes more than that. Our admins can transfer any site that can operate on a Linux machine and isn't built on a closed platform like Weebly or Jimdo since they limit the access to the files of the sites developed through them, so if you have a custom-made Internet site or you are using a well known script-driven application like Joomla, phpBB or WordPress, we can relocate it very fast. We shall test the Internet sites to make sure that they are working efficiently and once everything is set, we shall tell you, so that you could update the name servers of any domain name that you'd like to host on the dedicated server. Since the content will be precisely the same on both ends, your Internet sites shall be up and running during the DNS propagation. This service is absolutely free and we can save you loads of time and efforts.