An auto-responder e-mail is a message that's sent back immediately to everybody who sends a message to an e-mail address with this feature enabled. The senders will receive the automatic answer once their messages are received and you'll not have to do anything manually. A couple of instances of using auto-responder messages are mailing an affirmation that a transaction is received and the order will be prepared or that an individual is on vacation and will not be available for a particular time period. In the first situation the feature is activated permanently, whilst in the second one it is short-term. Even though you make use of e-mail address just for private communication, you can use an auto-responder to let the other side know that their email has been received successfully.

Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

The auto-responder function is accessible with all semi-dedicated server that we provide. If you make an e-mail address with a domain hosted inside your account, you can set up an automated reply with no more than a couple of mouse clicks in the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. All mail boxes which you have will be listed in the Emails section and creating an auto-responder is as easy as simply clicking on an e-mail address, typing the message and saving it. If you wish to change or remove an auto-responder, you can go through the same exact steps. If you take care of a variety of email addresses, let’s say for a company, you can enable the auto-reply feature and deactivate it for all of them at the same time just as easily.